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Save electricity up to 60%

Less electricity consumption while maintaining higher or equal brightness

Long lifespan (tested to last 100,000 hrs)

Based on usage of 12 hrs per day, Induction Lamps can be used to 20 years!

Eco-friendly system

Induction Lamps contain about 1/5 mercury levels vs sodium lamps. All components are recyclable and reusable thus making a green lighting

High efficiency (Lamp 90 lm/W, Ballast PF 99%)

High efficiency of the lamp and ballast leads to energy cost savings

Easy on eyes (No glare and flickering)

Eyes are not easily tired and eyesight is protected. Better consumer experience and increase safety to operators working long-hours

Instant turn on and restart (0.01sec)

Unlike metal halide lamps, Induction Lamps will be lit instantly when back-up power kicks in during power failures. Reduces downtime

Low heat emission

Lengthen lifetime of lighting systems and remove risk of explosion or fire. Reduce HVAC requirements

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